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Apr 19, 2013 5:00am PDT
we come bac including business news and a soccer mom pushing $1,000 strollers even in this economy. bloomberg business report is ahead. >> we follow the breaking news from boston involving the marathon bombing and the suspects. there are minute-by-minute developments in the search. [ male announcer ] now we can all be at the corner of "just another prescription" and "sweet, something just for me." because walgreens balance rewards is more than a savings card. it's a rewards card that gives you 500 rewards points every time you fill a prescription. points you can redeem in store or online for, well, almost anything. rack up points with each prescription you fill, right here. at the corner of happy and healthy. [ female announcer ] some prescriptions not eligible to earn points. restrictions apply. see website for details. christopher columbus sailed the ocean blue... in 14 hundred 92. nice! follow me. the missouri river is this way! lewis and clark expedition of 1804. oh, he'll never get this. magellan, 1520. awww my 8 layers must've given it away. [ female announcer ] big days call
Apr 20, 2013 5:00am PDT
million into the local economy. abc7 news. >>> lisa argen joins us now with a beautiful forecast. i mean we don't really get temperatures like this here. >> we are going to see perhaps some records early next week. it should be certainly a clear and nice morning. there is a little bit in the way of patchy fog off the coast. it's really nice downtown with numbers in the low 50s. you see from this vantage point it looks nice and clear. we will talk about how warm it will get today and the hottest day of the week. that's coming up. >> also ahead the giants return home against the padres with madison bum gartner on the hill. he hasn't lost a game this season. could he keep his winning ways >> welcome back. the giants rushed home from a seven-day road trip and last night against the padres they hoped to snap a three-game losing streak. here's abc7 news reporter, sports director, rather, larry beil, with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. the giants had boston in mind last night. increased security, all bags searched, the waning of ticket holders and a red sox
Apr 23, 2013 5:00am PDT
.m. closing time back did hours to help boost tourism and local economies. critics warn that it could increase drunk driving and crime around the bars. the legislation would only affect bars and restaurants, liquor store hours would not change. >> lawyers for the state bar are scheduled to tell a san francisco judge that east bay lawyer should be disbarred for smuggling out a hit list from her client who is behind bars. the former black must lick leader ordered the murders of an oakland journalist and two others in 2010. attorneys for the california state bar are recommending that his initial lawyer be stripped of her license for the offense in 2011. the project revealed she hit the hit list in her client's legal documents that guards were not allowed to certain. brown later admitted to the crime and know witnesses were ever harmed. >> hope you enjoy the warm weather yesterday because it was a "one and done." >> but we will still get a little taste today if not as much. mike has the details. >> that is the story, it will still be warmer-than-average even if the temperatures drop four to 14 deg
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3